360 Resources Services

Take the risk out of finding IT resources that will bring value to your business. The following services will allow your company to find the right resources to ensure success for your business initiatives.

Resources On Demand
360 Resources provides resource flexibility, whether you are looking for temporary resources, project resources, or potential hires on a "try-before-you-buy" basis.

Direct Placement
Leveraging our 360 Talent Engine and unparalleled recruiting strategies to target quality candidates, we can provide top-notch candidates to meet your hiring needs. We tailor our approach to your specific business needs and requirements prior to recruiting candidates to ensure that only those candidates that fit your profile are considered. Additionally, we can leverage our 360 Candidate Profiler to ensure the candidate also meets your business demographics.

Project Management
360 Resources provides Project Management resources to ensure that your critical IT projects get delivered on time and on budget. Our team of Project Managers will ensure that best practices are utilized, resulting in successful project delivery. Leverage 360 Resources to ensure that your critical projects are delivered, with the backing of our exclusive 360 Guaranteed Outcome!

360 Candidate Profiler

Our 360 Candidate Profiler ensures that candidates not only meet your technical requirements, but also meet other demographics that fit your company profile. The 360 Candidate Profiler assesses the following candidate attributes:

Individual vs. Team Worker
Need for Flexible Work Hours
Preferred Method of Communication
Preferred Work Environment

The responses from the Candidates are then matched to the Company responses to the Profile to ensure there is a good fit for non-technical requirements as well.